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Re: [IPk] Diabetes Update pump article

I think many (especially older) people do have a very regular
lifestyle, but only because they think they have to.

My dad, for example, manages pretty well most of the time on 2
injections a day (as a type I) because he leads a very regular
lifestyle. Gets up at the same time, has lunch at the same time, has
dinner at the same time. Of course, if anything rocks the boat, he's
had it, but he spends his life tring to ensure that that doesn't
happen. Beig a teacher he has a pretty fixed schedule during the week,
as mealtimes are always at a fixed time, etc.

But when I try to persuade him to switch to a more flexiblem regime
such as MDI, he claims he doesn't need the flexibility because his
lifestyle is fixed. but yet he is very envious of the freedom that I
have on a pump. His attitude is "if you're a diabetic you have to eat
breakfast, you have to eat on time, etc." rather than "Since I hvae a ifxed
lifestyle i don't need any flexibility". I think  there are probabyl
many people out there like that. Certainly many doctors are still
sadly of this opinion.

> But your wife's comment is so right.  When I think about my co-workers
> and friends, I can think of only a part-time secretary in her late 50s,
> who goes home regularly at 3.00, and so has plenty of 'slippage' between
> home-time and dinnner-time, a couple of toddlers and one of their
> mothers.  Everyone else, from another toddler to my mother-in-law (in
> her 70s) have lives which can be characterised as 'full and varied':
> erratic.  One day exercising a lot, the next day sitting still.  One day
> eating banquets, the next day picking at lettuce.  

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