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Re: [IPk] Diabetes Update pump article

>Both Applied Medical Technology (for Minimed) and Disetronic have nurse
>educator/instructors who will initiate pump therapy

Pete - you were mentioned! (if not by name... :-)

This is the first official document I've seen from recent years discussing
the British establishment's position on pumping. Whilst I disagree with
some things in it, I do think it makes some very promising comments.

If Pickup is one of the great and good (which I believe he is) then his
comment "putting 1-2 per cent of people with Type 1 diabetes on CSII might
be a realistic target figure to aim for in the next few years" is excellent
news from the funding point of view. The current push is to get infusion
sets universally obtainable free on prescription. If the bean counters at
the Department of Health reckon on 1-2% take-up, the total cost will not be
great, so it is far more likely to get approval.

>Some busy or much-travelled people with an erratic lifestyle who often
>delay or omit meals may find stable control easier to achieve with a pump
>than injection therapy

This was the comment which caused my wife to raise her eyebrows. How many
people did she know (without diabetes) who lead busy and erratic
lifestyles? Answer: most of them! It seems to be the norm these days.
Mother and kids sitting on bus... student at university... office worker
trying to get the contract finished... We are all leading crazy lives which
can be combined with good DM control with a pump.

>Whereas in the US and Germany, pump costs are met by the patient's health
>insurance, in the UK most health authorities do not pay for either the pump
>or the disposable supplies. At the moment, UK funding for CSII is met by a
>mixture of private donations to hospitals, local charities, research trials
>(patients are often allowed to keep the pump on completion of a study),
>Patient purchase and the persistent arguing of the case to local health
>authorities, which may produce funds for either pump or supplies for a few
>named individuals.

That's a pretty accurate summary of the current funding situation :-(


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