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Re: [IPk] Changing the infusion set

>I am a newcomer to the list. I enjoy very much to
>read the  correspondence. I would like the advice
>of pumpers about changing the infusion  set. i am
>using Disentronic pump and Tender infusion set. i
>am changing it every  five-six days and it works
>O.K. The producer insists on changing it every
>two-three days. Is it really necessay? Arieh

Hi Arieh.

I've been using a pump for nearly 2 years now. In the beginning I found I
could keep a set in for 5 days without any problem. But then it got
shorter. I now have to change every 2 days, otherwise I get a nasty red
spot on the skin. Part of the problem is that your skin can get sensitive
to having something foreign poked into it.

If you take a long term view, the longer you leave the infusion set in, the
more damage it does to the fat under your skin, and the longer it takes to
heal. And the scar tissue left under the skin will not absorb insulin so
well the next time. In 20 years time I still want to be using the same
convenient infusion sites, and getting the same good results. That's why I
am cautious and change every 2 days.

Hope that gives you something to think about :-)


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