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Re: [IPk] Changing the infusion set

Dear A (?)
Despite what you may read from the cynics on the list it is essential that you change the needle part of your infusion set every 2.5 to 3 days.  The tube of each Tender can be used for a maximum of 2 Tender needles ie 1 tube will last 5-6 days.  Beyond this period you face a very high possibility of developing irritation and infection at the infusion site and possible scarring leading to absorption problems from that area later on.  You may be lucky and be able to get away with it.  You may find that if you prolong the use of a needle or a site that your blood sugar values start to rise also.
We can only make the recommendations that are set by the Regulatory authorities - whether you follow them is up to you - you have to balance off the risks againdst the cost saving you will make
Anyn queries get back to me John Hughes or Estelle Lucas at Disetronic 01203 531 338 or phone our CSII Nurse Trainer Rita Blackmore on 07899 926 333
Best wishes
John H
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Date: 01 December 1999 15:31
Subject: [IPk] Changing the infusion set

I am a newcomer to the list. I enjoy very much to read the correspondence. I would like the advice of pumpers about changing the infusion set. i am using Disentronic pump and Tender infusion set. i am changing it every five-six days and it works O.K. The producer insists on changing it every two-three days. Is it really necessay?