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Re: [IPk] Changing the infusion set

Hi Arieh
I use the tender too, and change any time between 2 and 5 days.
I think the answer is "what works for you".
5-6 days is quite a long time. 
The general recommendation seems to be 2-3 days, but some people have
no problems with leaving it in much longer than that.

I think that basically, the longer you leave it, the more risks you
take regarding things such as infection and site degradation. But if
you're happy with that, and not having any problems, then I would say
fine. But be careful.....

Of course, there will be several people here who will disagree with me
<g>, and not just because they make money out of infusion sets.
Presumably you are paying for your own sets, which I guess does
influence your decision.

> I am a newcomer to the list. I enjoy very much to read the =
> correspondence. I would like the advice of pumpers about changing the =
> infusion set. i am using Disentronic pump and Tender infusion set. i am =
> changing it every five-six days and it works O.K. The producer insists =
> on changing it every two-three days. Is it really necessay?
> Arieh
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