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[IPk] Comparison of Dexcom vs Libre/Miao Miao

Dear Tim,
 I read your link you left on the above topic, it was very interesting. I was
wanting to research as much as possible to see if there were any better
alternatives to the Dexcom G6 system that I am using now. I think I may have
been put off the libre/Miao, but Ibve had a few wayward Dexcom sensors

 Leaving the Libre on to one side for now, I have come across people on the
internet who are using spike with dexcom, and the majority seem to be very happy
with it and regard it as an improvement. I am almost certainly going to try it
as I restart my sensors and the possibility of using them until they are
finished without the rigmarole of a restart gets me very excited! I love that
sort of challenge, even though I am not too hot on building/ playing with

 What is your opinion of spike? As I was doing research a couple of days ago I
did come across some warning posts on a diabetes forum that Apple was on to
spike and were trying to shut it down and users of the forum were encouraging
people to swap over to another system - but it seems spike got a reprieve. I
believe it has a Facebook group that might be worth following if I do use it.

Itbs all very interesting!

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