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[IPk] Re - Frozen Shoulder

Hi Julie
I can sympathise as I have another frozen shoulder after having my  right one 
manipulated succesfully two years ago. This time it's my left and far  more 
painful but totally locked as was my right.
I kept my pump on during the last manipulation. The consultant wasn't too  
 keen but I saw my DSN who talked to him and he was OK about it then. Would your
DSN do this for you? If you are treated by a different hospital then  maybe 
he/she could write to the consultant.  
The first consultant this time thought I had a trapped nerve or  impingement 
as well as the frozen shoulder. I feel it's different too. The  pain this time 
is horrendous. I waited months to see him, then months to see  another 
 consultant, who is only happy to do a basic manipulation, which I have to wait
 another six months for (!) The total wait will be around 18 months to two years
since first being seen. I've found out the reason he won't do a scope  as well 
as the manipulation (he said himself he doubts the manipulation will  work and 
I will probably need further treatment elsewhere) is becuase although  he was 
brought  in as a specuialist for this, the hospital won't provide  the 
equipment to do the surgery! Sigh.
I hope you get some help from your dsn or even your diabetes consultant.  
Remember, too, that during a manipulation or surgery such as this,  they often 
give a steroid injection which will make your blood glucose rise  rapidly and 
 quite dramatically. I found the pump helped enormously with this last time. You
could use this as another point in your argument to keep the pump  on. Good 
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