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Re: [IPk] diabetes = can't eat ANYTHING

Hi Vicki
I'm sure there are still some other things you can eat without a spike, 
I mean you can't have tested every breakfast cereal, for example!
Also just because you get a spike/drop doesn't mean you can't eat those 
foods. You just have to figure out a way round it. For example, you may 
need to take your insulin earlier,or you may need to bolus more and then 
reduce your basal later.
For example if you take 3 units of insulin for your noodles, and you 
normally go up to 15mmol/l an hour later, and then down to 4mmol/l  3 
hours later, you could try taking 4 units when you eat, then reducing 
your basal to half between 1-3 hours after you eat. There will be a way 
round everything, but it's a question of how much you're willing to 
experiment with insulin, timing etc. Also with the combinations of food. 
For example if you spike with noodles on their own, adding fat and 
protein may prevent the spike.
So don't despair yet, just keep experimenting!

Vicki Crowley wrote:

> Hi
> I decided to test a bunch of food on my sugar levels. I tested pre, 
> and then every half hour for 4 hours. I got good results with some and 
> massive spikes and falls with others. My ratios were correct though!!! 
> and I always bolus roughly half hour before i eat unless hypo of 
> course. it boils down to this I can eat:
> all bran
> jacket spuds
> salad
> fruit
> veg
> chocolate digestives
> pitta bread
> meat
> eggs
> cottage cheese
> milk
> THAT'S it!!! Bye Bye noodles, pasta and rice is Ok!!!!
> But do you think it's bad that I can't eat anything else with out a 
> spike, am I getting enough goodness from these foods?
> Thanks
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