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Re: [IPk] Re - Frozen Shoulder

Thanks Adrian

I had my first shoulder done 5 years ago and it is only this last year the 
pain has eased it was worse when I had it done.  Then just thinking I'm 
getting ok and my other shoulder starts, I just can not get comfortable in 
bed with both paining me, where you ok when you had yours done instantly or 
has it taken a while like to hear other peoples experiences my pain is 
unbearable in one arm.

Regards Julie
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From: "Adrian Miller" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 2:36 PM
Subject: RE: [IPk] Re - Frozen Shoulder
> Hi Julie
> Most commonly they mean you will go on an IV Insulin Pump, IV Glucose on a
> pump and Sliding Scale. They normally set this up a few hours before you 
> go
> for your operation and it can be removed as soon as you are capable of 
> using
> your own pump.
> The main reason for doing this is that IV insulin works so much faster 
> than
> subcutaneously delivered insulin so in theory with enough effort on their
> part you should be able to achieve near perfect blood glucose levels
> throughout your operation. Unfortunately if you use your own pump then in
> most people there would be a 40-60 minute lag when increasing insulin
> delivered versus significantly lowering blood glucose levels.
> The other problem is that during and after an operation your basal insulin
> requirement will almost certainly change. So whilst both methods may seem
> like shooting in the dark - using IV insulin will allow you to be brought
> back to the target faster and in a more controlled method.
> The key thing is to make sure that both the Insulin and the Glucose are 
> put
> on two separate pumps. IV Glucose is very hard to control without a pump -
> you either get a gush or nothing! This is something that my 
> Endocrinologist
> insists on - but other hospitals appear very reluctant to do.
> Best of luck with your shoulder - the only regrets I had with both mine 
> was
> not having the surgery sooner.
> Adrian
>>Just been to orthopaedics with my 2nd frozen shoulder had the other
>>manipulated but it didn't do any good that was 3 years ago.  Any way they
>>said I need my right one doing and some bone shaving off, don't want to 
>>go of my pump they said I have to go in the day before to go on a insulin
>>pump but I already have one attached to me do I have to go on to theirs or
>>how do I go about it.  That sounds a bit mixed up do I have to go on to
>>drip or is there any way you can keep your own pump on.
> .
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