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Re: [IPk] Re:Bed-wetting

I can't add anything meaningful to this thread, except to add that our
oldest son (who hasn't got diabetes) is now 3 and a half, and still wears a
nappy at night. He's been dry during the day since he was about 2 years.
We tried to de-nappy him totally, but he wet the bed every night for a
week, till we gave up and went back to nappies.

Incidently, I managed to wreck my infusion set (Tender) two days ago. We
were on a long train journey (moving from Bayreuth, where we'd been all
summer, back to Freiburg). I was "wearing" our youngest son, who's 6 months
old, in a Baby Bjorn sling thing. In the stress of climbing on and off
trains - with ridiculous amounts of luggage, and Nicholas rubbing against
me - the teflon cannula managed to pop out. I felt nothing of course. It
was only later that my next BG test was marginally high, and I happened to
check the infusion site out of curiousity, to find the cannula lying lose
against the skin. I was able promptly to put a new infusion set in, but I
didn't know how much of my recent boluses had been missed.

Back into hospital tomorrow for scans to get a verdict on my June course of


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