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RE: [IPk] paradigm pumps

Hi Sarah,

Despite our recent problem, I think the paradigm is excellent, the
waterproof feature being the main reason we decided to upgrade Sam.  

You should have no problem windsurfing, but it there a risk of it taking any
knocks if you fall off (not wishing to suggest anything about your
windsurfing ability!).

Also bear in mind the fact that the reservoir volume is 180 units.  Is this
enough for you for your usual period between changes?

Hope this helps.


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I was wondering if anyone else has had problems with the paradigm pump or
has things they don't like about it? I am thinking of changing from a 508,
as the paradigm is waterproof which would make windsurfing an awful lot
easier (and less cold in winter - the failure point being that the water
gets in my wetsuit where the tubing comes out!).
DM 7y, 508 8m
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