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Re: [IPk] Another holiday pump problem

Hi Andrew

I'm glad you had a better experience than I did last week with Medtronic.
I've been away to the Isle of Wight for a week and discovered that, whilst
unpacking on Saturday night, I'd managed to crush all my Quick-Sets.  First
of all I couldn't believe what had happened.  I've travelled quite a few
times since starting on the 508 8 months ago and have never crushed
anything!  I then went into total panic when I realised that it was a Bank
Holiday weekend and no-one would be available until the Tuesday morning and
I would be due to change on the Sunday (having last changed on Thursday
evening).  Anyway I then forfeited all the lovely dinners/sweets offered at
the hotel and stuck to salads and a low carb diet to prolong my change and
waited for Tuesday morning.  When I rang them I was told that there was no
guarantee they would be able to get anything to me before the end of the
week as the Quick-Sets had to come from their supplier in Belgium (?) and
that we were not on the mainland as they did not keep any supplies at their
office.  Anyway, I gave up on that and had to ask my husband to send some
from home (luckily I'd gone on holiday with my Mum and not him) which he
packaged securely and I received by 1st class post 8.30 the next morning.

However, when I took the new ones out I discovered why the original ones had
managed to get crushed.  There is a blue cap which covers the needle on the
Quick-Sets and when I looked at the new ones the cap was floating around
inside the packaging.  This effectively allowed the needle to bend.  On
arriving home I checked the remaining sets in the box and they are all the

Karen Hennessy

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> Hi all,
> Some of you will remember that Sam's Minimed 508 had a problem last
> while we were abroad on holiday.  We upgraded to a Paradigm a few months
> ago, which we were very pleased with.  However, this also failed a couple
> weeks ago, at 8pm the night before we were due to go away again - we must
> jinxed!
> We were due to leave at 8am the following morning for two weeks in Belgium
> and Holland, which left us in a fairly worrying situation.  As you know,
> there is currently no "out of hours" UK support available from Medtronic.
> The US helpline were sympathetic, but could do little in reality.  We knew
> that we needed a replacement/loan pump as the prime function wasn't
> For those of you with a Paradigm, I'll be a bit more specific.  Basically,
> the manual prime facility wouldn't work as the pressure sensor wasn't
> detecting the change in pressure as the infusion set tubing filled with
> insulin.  The motor just kept whizzing away until the reservoir was empty,
> meaning it was impossible to reconnect Sam during a routine set change.
> Fortunately, we live very close to Medtronic's office in Watford.  We got
> through the night OK with 3 hourly BG tests and manual injections of
> Humalog, then packed up the car for our holiday and went to the office to
> there for the start of the day, in the hope that a loan pump would be
> available there.  Luckily that was the case (many thanks to Emma for
> us out!) and we were able to programme the new pump and connect Sam there,
> before setting of for the Channel Tunnel.
> The signs that there was a problem were actually apparent at the previous
> set change, when nearly half the reservoir was used during the manual
> procedure.  At the time, I thought that I had pressed the wrong button, so
> watch out if you experience this.  This appears to be the first such
> in this country.
> Best wishes.
> Andrew
> Father of Sam, aged 9, dx Aug 1996
> Pumping 2 years
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