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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #485

Heather & all

Please don't feel you are failing with an HBA1c of 7.4.  I think I am just
lucky that I am very sensitive to insulin so touch wood with an improved
delivery system I must be getting more overall stable levels eg 5 to 7's
instead of loads of lows and swings to highs.  I am monitoring  blood sugars
a lot and adjusting what I eat, amount of insulin etc in relation to that
and carbs and time of day, exercise etc. etc.  I get spikes after meals
sometimes but at least I can deal with it now.  I can't imagine what my post
meal BS's were 20 plus years ago!!  Although it's a hastle, having speedy BS
monitors  makes things so much better.

I'm trying to find out something about Bartters syndrome.  I have a rare
kidney problem never actually diagnosed.  I have low potassium levels and I
think slowly deteriorating kidney functon although I feel fine my urea and
creatinine are raised and creeping up.  Caused problems in pregnancies and
then settled.  No proteinurea or high bp etc.  Just want to find out if
there is anything else I can do to protect my kidneys and whether it could
also be auto immune?  Anyone else got such a thing.

Best wishes
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