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[IPk] Re:follow up pump therapy and sites

Hi after succeeding in persuading local health care providers that pump
therapy would be a better option for me after 36 years on injections and
various MDI regimes, I have had my first HBA1c result since starting on the
pump.  I was pleasantly surprised to find my HBA1c was now 5.5%.  I juggled
life and shift work, bringing up children etc etc and although  I managed
HBA1c levels of 6 - 7.5% before, I was often eating to counteract hypos and
woke in the mornings frequently feeling tired and struggled to wake up.  For
years  I thought was just me and because I was busy.  Anyway since being on
the pump I wake up lively and wide awake, I adjust my basal rate to vary
quite a lot from low overnight to higher in the mornings and after some
meals and low for exercise.  The amazing thing is that with that low HBA1c I
am not having anything like the hypo episodes I was having before. As
discussed with others before on this site my only problem seems to be
related to sites and types of cannula used.  If site not quite right it very
quickly results in high blood sugars and sluggish response to insulin
boluses. Even with some such problems HBA1c doesn't show it. Continuous
blood glucose monitoring has to be incorporated soon I think to make it even

Education - I find it frustrating that there seems to be so little.  I would
like to get involved but nothing is forthcoming in this area so I shall
carry on working shifts in intensive and special care.  I saw my GP recently
as had a terrible bout of D&V presumably due to a bug.  No problems as was
able to manipulate pump and frequent blood sugars.  GP was interested in
pump, showed it to him and the site etc.  He asked if it really was better
than bd injections!!!  I had to tell him that I have been on MDI for over 20
years!!  How on earth else could I have managed shifts, erratic meal times,
pregnancies etc and kept 'good' control?

I was due to see consultant in July for annual review so phoned to find out
about appointment.  Apparently they are at least six months behind
schedule!!!  It doesn't worry me but there must be loads of people who
really can't afford such a long wait.  Having started a new type of insulin
therapy, it really is DIY and without  the info from this site I would have
found it very hard to do on my own.
Thanks folks

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