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[IPk] RE: Advantage of the Pump

Hi Barbara

I am very sorry to hear about your mum accident and hope that all will be
well.   I can imagine what a nightmare it is.  Diabetes can take so much
planning ahead sometimes. Having a pump does make a difference.  When I
broke my arm or one of the kids has to go into hospital there is always a
frantic collecting of Insulin pens, lancets, meters, sugary things for hypo,
diet drinks and in our case Gluten free food has to come with us too.  I
always have a hospital bag packed with a few items now, as I have lost count
of the number of times that we have had an emergency admission with either
Danni or the twins over the years and you just cant think straight at the
time.  We have always had to haul several well children in with us too so
had to pack things to feed them and keep them occupied for hours on end.

Let us know how your mum is later.

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  Hello everyone

  Tonight has really proved that the pump is worth its weight in gold.  My
mum was involved in a serious road accident tonight which meant taking
Danielle's meal off her and her friend and getting them over to the hospital
with me and my husband to sit in Accident & Emergency.  No insulin was
required because she had not even eaten a quarter of her food and as I could
not concentrate on Danielle's diabetes, the pump did that for me.  She came
home, finished her food intake, had sweets and went to bed late with a sort
of good enough reading.

  My mum is stable and as comfortable as she can be.  Staying up tonight to
make sure I don't miss any calls from the hospital.

  Speak soon.

  Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
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