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[IPk] Hi folks - donating

I'm doing this off my own bat so don't blame anyone else but me. <g>

I finally worked out what I was doing wrong when trying to donate online.
Do NOT include U.K. (or variations of that) in the address box and do NOT
include the + sign when giving the international dialling code for your
telephone e.g. 44+ 1772 etc.  Other than that (once this thicko worked it
out) it's really painless donating.

Think about it.  We use the list most if not most days.  Lots of times "just
reading"; but how much do we learn while doing that?  And for those
brave/foolhardy/wise folk who post, raise questions, answer them, give
support and humour to help us on this walk with this darn disease while
attached to our pumps (or hoping to be), this is one way to thank them,
Michael and all the others.

It's coming up to the weekend, and many will be going out for a meal or a
drink or other celebration.  Why not donate the equivalent of even a couple
of pints, or a bottle of wine, or a take-away meal or pushing the boat out -
the cost of a cinema or theatre/concert ticket <S> and the list is assured
for another few months.

Doesn't mean a huge dent in financial planning but a little from many goes a
heck of a long way.

As you know I'm doing battle with a pretty ropey body - one way or another -
and have lost my career due to this - and don't post much to the list but
boy do I scan all the messages that come in.  I budget for a contribution to
the list.  My choice.  No obligation but something I choose to do and as Di
and others will assure you, I ain't no saint material <VBG>

Join me, if you can, to keep the list up and running.

Okay, filter coffee calling.  Bliss!!!!

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