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RE: [IPk] changing GP

Hi Abigail

 My daughter's GP has always been off hand but now it's come to the point where
my daughter is afraid to
 see him because he so dismissive and off hand. I have been quite worried about
her as it is not like her
 to have any gastro problems. She is ok at the moment but as I said, she keeps
having repeated bouts of
 stomach pain and violent vomiting then after 24 hours or so she is OK again for
a few weeks. At first
she thought that it was a stomach bug but this has happen several times now.

 She also has moles on her back that are large and raised, she has had these for
years but some are
prominent but all look OK, except
 one that I think she need someone's opinion about. She cant see these herself
because of where they
 are. She keeps telling me that she is going to go to the Dr but is afraid he
will sneer at her again
and imply that she is wasting his time.

 Of course I only get her version so I cant say just what he is really like as
she lives away from home in
another town.

 I will pass on the messages about finding a new GP. Maybe his list had lots of
spaces free!!!!!!!


Abigail you wrote:
> Jackie
> there must have been something lost in the"translation" here or this is truly
> shocking and sooner or later this guy is going to find himself hauled up
> before the GMC
> regarding changing GPs: as far as I am aware you just go and register with
> another . The only problems I can foresee are if all the lists are " full"
> -
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