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Re: [IPk] For the attention of Trisha Hyde


I'm sorry to say that my necrobiosis started on my left foot (an old injury
site) 14 years ago.  Within two years of having it it had spread to other
areas (more old injury sites, whether walked into filing cabinet or
something else quite trivial) of both lower legs.

I had every kind of treatment available at the time including steriod cream,
granuflex pads, hydrocortisone cream, liquid nitrogen (with the attempt that
if the skin was burnt that new skin would be produced), PUVA which I had 3
times a week for about 6 months and I even tried Chinese Herbal Medicine
(which cost a fortune and tasted absolutely disgusting)!

I'm sorry to say that nothing seemed to work!  PUVA certainly made it look
slightly better as I did get a nice tan all over so the contrast between
white skin and bright red necrobiosis was not as big.  14 years on I have
now accepted that I will probably have to live with it forever although over
the years it has actually healed quite well on its own.  Most of the small
patches of it have returned to normal colour although the identations are
still there and my foot is still a bit unsightly but much much better than
it was.

I hope something works for you and I will keep my fingers crossed.


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> Hello Trisha
> Could not trace your email address so I hope you get this message.  I
> that you said you have Necrobiosis Lipoidica Diabeticorum and wondered
> it is and what sort of treatment you were given for it if any.  I have it
> the top of my foot and I went to see a skin specialist who offered me the
> ultra violet light treatment but I was on a fertility drug at the time and
> could not go for it.
> Barbara
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