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[IPk] NON D Question for any GPs or someone who knows the answer

Sorry this is not really to do with diabetes. but I don't know who to ask.

 I have an older daughter of 23 who lives in Slough, about 2 hours away from
where I live. I have been a
bit concerned about her.

 She has been unwell on and off for a while and her GP (male) does not seem to
be interested in helping
 her. She is quite intimidated and scared of him and hence has not been to see
him for a while How easy
 is it to find another GP and how do you go about changing your GP?? Apparently
she cant see another GP
 in her practice as you have to see your own GP unless its a dire emergency. She
has had spells of
 intense stomach pain with vomiting this has happened quite a few times every
couple of weeks, it lasts
 for 24 hours then has gone but it always seems to come back she was crying with
pain the last time. Its
 not as if she has been to see him very often but she says that he seems to
think that she's making up
 symptoms, when ever she goes to see him about anything. She says she always
feels that she is being a
nuisance and a time waster.  She rarely has time off work.

 He doesn't seem a very sympathetic GP. Another woman, who works with my
daughter, went to see this GP as
 she had had a very bad cough for over 3 months. She thought that in view of the
time she had been
 coughing she should go. Apparently the GP said, without any examination, What
do you expect me to do,
 its just a cough! He then turned around and started typing on the computer and
without looking up told
her to leave.

 If my daughter goes to another GP does she have to say why she wants to move?
Will there be problems
 about being accepted by another GP? Anyone know? Do you have to phone around??

Jackie Jacombs
email @ redacted
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