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Re: [IPk] talking about diabetes / daily mail

And I constantly have a band of gold around one finger - also known as a
wedding ring. I've worn it almost constantly for nearly 5 years. Only comes
off when I'm kneeding dough. Funny how I'm not ashamed of it, and make no
attempt to hide it. And yet we try to hide our insulin pumps...

OK, so I'm a bloke and can put my pump in my trouser pocket out of sight
(with the tubing going through a small cut in the upper lining of the
pocket to keep the tubing out of sight). And at night it just roles around
in the bed with me - like an extra limb. And in extreme situations I put
the pump in my underpants - so in hot and cold weather is stays at body

And I was living with my wife when I looked at getting a pump - so it was a
joint decision, although she takes little interest in how I use it. My
diabetes is my business. Same way I take no interest in her menstruation.
Her business.


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