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Re: [IPk] Changing stuff

Hi Ingrid
I do pretty much the same as you. I change sites approx every 3 days, though 
it can vary from 1-5. If I leave it too long I tend to get a worse scar, 
though that varies too.
It's recommended that you don't use your reservoir more than a couple of times 
because the lubricant can wear off, causing the plunger to stick. But I've 
reused mine up to about 4 times without any problems (I can never remember 
when I last changed it!). 
I also find if I reuse the line more than twice (approx a week) it (the line) 
goes a dark blue/grey sort of colour (I think - my colour perception isn't 
very good these days). Doesn't seem to affect anything, but it doesn't look 
very pleasant!

On Tuesday 26 Aug 2003 12:51 pm, you wrote:
> Hi Kayleigh,
> I have only been pumping for about two months, and during the first month I
> changed my line and insertion set each time.  When I saw Helen at Kings'
> last time she told me that most people at the clinic there use combi sets
> which mean they only have to change the line every two changes.  To me this
> makes sense as the box she gave me has 5 complete sets and 5 sites.  I
> change the reservoir when I feel like it, so probably every 3 changes on
> average.
> At the moment I change sites every 31/2 days on average...but I am going to
> change it tonight which means I will have got 41/2 days!  I am still
> nervous of changing sites so if I am getting good results with a site I
> like to keep it till I run out of insulin.....I am down to 18 units now....
> Good luck
> Ingrid
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