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Re: [IPk] Changing stuff

Hi Kayleigh,

I have only been pumping for about two months, and during the first month I 
changed my line and insertion set each time.  When I saw Helen at Kings' 
last time she told me that most people at the clinic there use combi sets 
which mean they only have to change the line every two changes.  To me this 
makes sense as the box she gave me has 5 complete sets and 5 sites.  I 
change the reservoir when I feel like it, so probably every 3 changes on 

At the moment I change sites every 31/2 days on average...but I am going to 
change it tonight which means I will have got 41/2 days!  I am still nervous 
of changing sites so if I am getting good results with a site I like to keep 
it till I run out of insulin.....I am down to 18 units now....

Good luck


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