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Re: [IPk] Changing stuff

On Tuesday 26 Aug 2003 10:39, Kayleigh Grace wrote:
> HiDaft question of the day - how often do we change the 'stuff'.  We are
> with Disetronic using Tenders.  I know we change the site every three
> days but at the moment we are changing the adapter and the tubing at the
> same time.  Do we need to?

I'm using Tenders too. I change them every 2 days but I know that every 3 days 
is also fine. As to the rest - I only change the tubing when I put a new 
insulin cartridge in. When I started on the D-Tron (over a year ago now) I 
was also changing the adapter every time I changed the insulin. However now 
(partly based on what one of the Disetronic staff told me) I only change the 
adapter with every second insulin change. For me, a cartridge of insulin 
lasts 6 days. (Although I'm trying to lose weight so in theory it should last 
me longer as I start to eat less/exercise more!)

Was this not covered in the (mounds of) paperwork/manuals you were given? (I 
must admit I didn't read through mine properly!)

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