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[IPk] infusion sets

I find on the whole , better absorption/ less problems in lower abdomen than
upper. I've not had to decrease basals because of th is, but less
 very high BGs with ketones. I'm not sure if this is becasue I've formed a bit
of scar tissue in the upper abdomen.
I had very high BGs threough the day, for 2 days last week ( !4 to 22) and
intermittantly showing ketones. I changed cannulae twice, also whole new line
and fresh batch of insulin. Both discarded cannulae appeared fine and I ended
up increasing basals to 180 percent. Oddly overnight BGs were fine with 120
percent of normal. As soon as BGs normalised I cut basal to 150 then 120
percent, then down to "normal", and am currently using 80 to 90 % during the
day, 100 to 110 in the evening and night.
To add to the confusion it seems for me  that ketones don't always mean a pump
specific problem like bad set/ leakage. I wonder whether the upset was "stress
related" or hormonal or a minor infection ( no symptoms) Bizzare
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