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[IPk] Infusion sets

Hi all, I don't know if anyone else has experienced the same problem with a 
silhoette/tender infusion set but I recently went from an acceptable bg to 
23 and could not move from my chair (like Di once described when ketotic). I 
did not associate this with DM at first as my blood sugar had been ok only 
an hour earlier, and I had not eaten but when I had checked Bg I did all the 
normal correction things.
My BG lowered and I thought I had resolved the problem but no, it just 
started to rise dramatically again.  I  checked the set, but still could not 
see any thing until on further inspection I found a wet patch with a 
distinctive insulin aroma ! The tiny filament of the cannula was then 
clearly obvious wafting above the site but I had neither felt , nor seen it 
Mabe I am losing my skills st inserting the sets as since then I have become 
more conscious about feeling the  site rather than relying on my vision.  I 
have subsequently noticed that the cannula has started to work its way out 
and I can feel it raised above the tape.
Incidentally following yesterday's  hypos etc, the only difference is that I 
have changed my sites from above my waist to  my lower abdomen with 
remarkable results, if that is the reason. I lowered my first basal by 0.5 
units from midnight to 05.30 and my bg was around 4 mmols throughout It 
would be just wonderful if that were the answer to the problem but as 
experience has taught me, I won't hold my breath! It cuold just as well be 
other variables as Pat comments!!

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