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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #480 carbs at night/infusion sets


Thanks for the info re carbs at night.  It's interesting Di that you find
you are better limiting the carbs you eat.  I have always juggled carbs and
I think survived intact all these years due to the fact that I restricted
the amount of carb I have at any one time. When I was first diagnosed in
1968 I was given a diet with masses of carbs in it and I think would have
ended up like a sumo wrestler!  However, I was allowed to travel across the
world to join my parents in Africa and at the age of 13 I discovered that no
way did the food served up on the plane add up to the numerous slices of
bread and bowl of cereal etc that I was supposed to have so I cut the
soluble insulin and survived.  Climate and food in Africa did not  make it
easy to eat such a high carb diet so I didn't.  I'm only 5ft but my
grandmother was also petite, but I do wonder sometimes if my growth was
 I've tried having puddings when out recently since being on the pump.
Sometimes I think wow  I've cracked it when I get readings of 6  -7mmol
afterwards and other times I wish I hadn't bothered like with a summer
pudding yesterday when out for lunch and I had a normal portion and an extra
bolus but still ended up 14.4 and thought it really wasn't worth it!!! I
only have about 20 - 22 units/day with variable basal rates. My boluses are
2 - 4 units depending, but the pasta/basmati rice thing needs a
disproportionate amount and maybe I'll have to try not having very much at
night when I'm cooking for everyone else as 3units seems fine at the time
but i would need probably another 3 units extended and I don't know whether
that would send me hypo while asleep.  A real problem for me before the
pump.  One thing I really enjoy is spontaneously being able to have a snack
whether it be fruit, crisps, juice etc etc and bolus accordingly and
bolusing unobtrusively without the hastle of injecting, upsetting other
people etc.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the sets John.  I think I will have
to mainly use the sihouette especially on my abdomen.  I find I can use the
quick set on my 'bum' and find it's best to bolus straight after putting in
a new set as I know straight away then whether it will work and can get a
check on a bs after eating to make sure it's okay.

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