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[IPk] relief!!

Thanks John and Di,
you have reassured me that I am not the only one who has problems with high 
CHO foods both day and espescially during the evening! Having been on the 
pump for over 2 years, It IS wonderful but my last HbA1c was back up to 8.3, 
which really surprised me as I have been able to eliminate the odd bouts of 
bgs >20 and still have quite a few hypos. My basals are unpredicatable too 
so personally I have to work very much to the present and find it difficult 
to predict a pattern. For example went to bed with a bg of 9.2, which I 
decided not to correct, woke in the night hypo, drank a 300ml bottle of 
lucozade (normally would have drunk a third, but was too bleary eyed!), 
expected bg to be at least 12 but instead 4.5. I then halved my insulin to 
CHO ratio so gave 3 units of insulin for 45gms cho and then went really hypo 
whilst walking the dog! I really do think I have had this condition for too 
long but am really grateful for the pump and it giving me the ability to 
deal with things as they happen. I would have loved for it to have been able 
to sort things out as scientifically as Pat can but I just have to accept 
that my body won't let that happen!

Best Wishes Carmel who maybe needs to have diabetes lessons again!

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