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[IPk] Was infusion sets now carbs at night

> Pasta and rice late at night - I don't do it. That's my solution. Sorry I
> have no special tips, except to note that as you go to bed, the body
> changes gear in many ways, and digestion may slow down, or become
> irregular, making targetting of insulin quite tricky.
> John

Yes, I try not to do it as well. In fact I try to avoid any large amount 
of carbohydrate at night. Several reasons. First, because after any meal 
I like to test 2-3 hours later and correct as necessary (because carb 
absorption is not that predictable for me, depending on a large nuymber 
of factors). Second because the more carbs I have in general during the 
day, but especially at night, the more insulin I tend to need as a 
*basal* throughout the night. I've been caught out a few times when I've 
had nothing to eat in the evening and gone to bed only tro wake up with 
a massive hypo in the middle of the night (NOT because my basal is wrong 
normally, but because it seems to lower my need for insulin during the 
night). I think Elizabeth noticed this kind of phenomenon too - the more 
carbs she has during the day (or the more her total insulin intake is) 
the higher the basal she needs at night).

Now although the idea about having a pump is supposed to mean freedom to 
eat what you want when you want, in practice I find it easier to try not 
to eat large amounts of carbs at night. In fact, keeping my carb intake 
down all day keeps my total insulin intake down, and for some reason 
that makes me feel so much better generally - I have a lot more energy. 
I don't do the whole low carb thing, but I rarely have more than 3 units 
of insulin with a meal (45g carb) although I do have snacks as and when. 
But if I want to have a big bowl of pasta one night, I do. Just not very 

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