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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #476 - infusion sets

Hi Fiona -

I've been on a pump now for nearly 6 years (how time flies when you're
enjoying yourself!). I started using SofSets, manually inserted. Then I got
the SofSerter which fires the set in for you, and life became about a
thousand times easier. But I was very allergic to the various tapes and
things that accomany the SofSet dressing, and if the sets slips a bit I
might get a no delivery alarm. So I plucked up the courage and tried the
Silhouettes. As you say, what an ENORMOUS needle. I tried one twice, but
couldn't accept the idea of poking that massive needle into myself, so I
went back to the SofSets. 6 months passed. And then I decided to try the
Silhouettes again. Second time round they went in much more easily, and I
decided I would use them after all. So that's what I've used for the last 5
years. I've occasionally tried other infusion sets, but I always come back
to my Tenders (which is the Disetronic own label version of MiniMed's
Silhouette, and easier to spell).

Yes - I did get a large bruise once (is that a haematoma?), quite early on,
which alarmed me, but hasn't happened again. If you get a bruise, you
should change the infusion set immediately I believe, since as the body
kills and removes the bruise blood, it may also remove the insulin being
infused into it.

Pasta and rice late at night - I don't do it. That's my solution. Sorry I
have no special tips, except to note that as you go to bed, the body
changes gear in many ways, and digestion may slow down, or become
irregular, making targetting of insulin quite tricky.


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