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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #476 - infusion sets

Hi I've now been using a pump for about 5 weeks after 36 years of injection
regimes.  I'm very attached to my pump and wouldn't swap back to my old ways
of MDI,  this is sooo much better, with my shifts, family life and social
life etc etc.  The only problems I have encountered has been with infusion
sets but I seem, touch wood to be learning and getting to know what and
where will work for me.  I don't like the look of the longer sihouettes (and
I'm an intensive care nurse so I should know better!!!) but I have found
these to be more reliable once inserted.  Has anyone else given themselves a
huge haematoma with one?  Somehow I hit a blood vessel on my abdomen, it was
painful and bruised badly so had to remove it and fortunately haven't
managed to have a problem since, guess maybe I'm getting better or it's

A food querry: - How do people cope with pasta and basmati rice type meals
quite late in the evening.  I've been experimenting with the dual bolus but
haven't got it right yet.  I've tried having 2/3bolus with meal and then a
1/3 over 4 hours but its just guess work.  I can be quite low 2 hours after
such a meal eg in the 4's but then wake in the morning in the 12's.  I think
I either need to have more in an extended bolus  maybe 1/3 with meal and 2/3
extended and then for how long? I've been nervous of doing too much in the
extended bolus as it's overnight.  Any tips and solutions will be gratefully
received as some of my family are athletes and we eat a lot of pasta and
rice based meals.
Many thanks

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