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RE: [IPk] New pump training website

>Nit-picker here, but I think it's 18.02 <G>

Ooerr... you're way ahead of me there, Rhoda ;-) Radioactive decay of
carbon atoms was never my strong point!

Actually, what I wrote yesterday was tosh. Sorry. If US meters are
calibrated to give plasma readings (which I believe they are - correct me
if I am wrong), and this is 12% above wholeblood readings, 1 mmol/L
wholeblood = 18.02 mg/dL * 1.12 plasma = 20.18 mg/dL plasma. So I stand by
my original figure of 20 :-)


(Trouble is no one knows what the heck you're talking about if you ask them
if their BG reading is plasma or wholeblood. <shrug>)

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