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Re: [IPk] new pump training website

On Thursday, August 21, 2003, at 09:57  pm, Abigail King wrote:

> I was going to explain the different glucose measurements but as my A 
> level
> chemistry is v. rusty I suddenly found half way through what I 
> intended to
> say, that I don't really understand hat I am trying to talk about. 
> Moles and
> molecules hmmmm
> Any Chemists out there?

Not a chemist but as far as I remember from school science...

A mole of a substance is a particular number of molecules or (depending 
on the substance) atoms - Avogadro's number, the number of hydrogen 
atoms in 1 gram.  Hydrogen is the lightest element, weighing 1 atomic 
unit.  A glucose molecule weighs 180 atomic units, so a mole of glucose 
weighs 180 grams.  (OK, it's slightly different - but not enough to be 
worth worrying about why.)

So 1 mmol/l is 180 mg/l or 18 mg/dl.

This also means that if you measure mmol/l of something other than 
glucose (e.g. cholesterol) the conversion factor is different.

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