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Re: [IPk] infusion sets

Hi Abigail
I've found that you can actually put the Tenders / Silhouettes (same 
thing, different name) in at quite a shallow angle if necessary - much 
less that then recommended one. I find that if it's too shallow, it 
stings when the insulin goes in. If it doesn't sting, it's fine. I don't 
think there's much other choice if you don't like the Rapids. i find the 
buttock area is a bit random - sometimes it's great but often it takes 
some hours to get the insulin absorbing properly (works best if I take 
exercise directly after inserting). The best area is about the height of 
your back pocket on a pair of jeans but slightly further to the side.

Abigail King wrote:

> Looking for advice
 > I use tenders but do not have much fat on me. I could probabley benefit from
> shorter equivalent as I would like to use loins/ buttock area more but have
> ended up with kinked cannulae and ketonuria +++ in the past.
> I cannot use the rapids as I end up accidentally catching them and pulling
> them out: also find them very uncomfortable.
> Are there any teflon cannulae that insert at an angle but with a shorter
> length ( ie less than 17 mm)?
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