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RE: [IPk] Does coffee require a bolus?

Hi Tim -

Some medics say yes, some say no. Apparently it does have an effect when you
have large doses of caffeine, but it seems to differ between individuals.
So, if you consistently have high BGs after a cup of coffee, the answer for
you is yes!

Of course, there are a lot of variables you need to remove before you can
definitely say yes. Here's some I've thought of:

Do you take milk or sugar with your coffee? If so, it could be the carb in
the milk/sugar.
Do you drink coffee at the same time every day and then experience a high?
It could be that your basal rate is incorrect for that time of day.
Could the high actually be from an earlier meal or snack? For example, if
you had a high protein/fat snack, it might catch up with you much later.



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 Has anyone experienced high blood sugars after drinking coffee (or tea)? It
might be another reason, but I sometimes find my BS goes up if I drink
Does caffiene have anything to do with it?
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