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Re: [IPk] Does coffee require a bolus?

>  Has anyone experienced high blood sugars after drinking coffee (or tea)? It
> might be another reason, but I sometimes find my BS goes up if I drink
> Does caffiene have anything to do with it?

Tim - I've had caffeine trouble in the past, and I mentioned it in this
group once, but to be honest I never really got to the bottom of the
problem. I used to speculate that caffeine causes adrenaline release, which
causes the BG to go up/down/left/right, speeds up/slows down digestion,
whatever. But I couldn't make useful predictions. What now happens is that
for breakfast I always have my bowl of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, 2 slices of
toast and marmalade, and 2 largish cups of espresso coffee with 2 spoonfuls
of sugar in each cup. And I take 6.5 units of insulin (Humalog) to cover it
all. I know the theory of pumping is that you can eat almost whatever you
like, and adjust the insulin accordingly, but I find in practice having
this fixed (if delicious) breakfast menu works very nicely for me, so
that's what I do.

Having had good BGs overnight certainly helps in controlling the
after-breakfast BG, and any dawn effect needs to be hit correctly.


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