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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #470 'no delivery' with quickset

I've had the same problem when I discovered that my reservoirs were out 
of date and obviously had lost their lubrication. It took me several 
days to figure this out as it wasn't the most obvious thing to check!

> Hi Fiona
> The only times I have had "no delivery" alarms while bolusing
> appear to have been due to the reservoir syringe "sticking".
> This usually happens after I have changed the set and I have
> assumed that I have forgotten to twist the plunger around and
> up and down to ensure the syringe is properly lubricated
> before placing it in the pump.  When this happens I usually
> remove the reservoir from the pump and push the plunger on a
> bit (losing some insulin the process but it can't be helped)
> and then replace the syringe in the pump, remembering to
> re-prime as necessary.  This usually works.
> Regards
> Bev
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