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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #470 'no delivery' with quickset

Hi Pat

Thanks for the info.  Tomorrow I will put a silhouette in (it seems so big in
comparison but maybe not going in so deep (even 6mm) will stop the hastle  I'm
getting at present.  Today I just know the absorption is erratic on my latest
attempt with the quickset.  I woke with higher bs but not terrrible 7.9 mmol
then boluses went in okay until this evening but meal related bs's although
not high stayed up until next bolus.  This evening the 'no delivery' alarm
happened after 1.3units  when I was bolusing 2units.  I wasn't sure  if it had
gone in but later in the evening I've had to keep eating to get my bs above
the 2's so obviously the insulin has got in!!  Because it appears insulin must
be getting through, I'll sleep on it and change to a silhouette tomorrow and
then if that goes okay stick with those and try and master pushing it all

Best wishes

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