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Re: [IPk] itchy site

Hi Claire,

There are two routes to go (at least) with allergic reactions.

If the reaction is just to the adhesive (i.e. you get no itchyness up
against where the catheter went in) they you can try the various plastic
barriers such as opsite and tegaderm.  

You can also try the other two or three kinds of sets.  If you are
getting an allergic reaction not to the adhesive, but to the
antibacterial agent (I'm allergic to that on the tender), this is the
only option.

I guess you could also ask for a reference to an allergy clinic, where
they could try things like desensitization.

Personally, I find the itching is bearable, but don't know whether
something is going to be particularly sensitive until it's on.  I find
they tend to be particularly bad in runs (because the skin is
sensitized?   Then I use strips of micropore (or shops own brand) tape
next to my skin, then the protective plastic which comes with the set,
and finally the set itself.  It does make my stomach look like a war
zone, though!  Particularly as the previous two or three sites are
traffic-light red rectangles (with white patch in the middle).

I am fully funded, and never let sites go more than 3 days - it's just
asking for (allergic) trouble: I normally change after 2 days.  If
that's the frequency you need, don't worry about it (if you are not
paying, that is).

Best wishes,

(dm 30+, 508 2+, sofset short catheter/long tube)

In message <email @ redacted>, Claire
Barrett <email @ redacted> writes
>i am using the tender set, its a bit red round the
>outside of the plaster bit its not sore but itchy, i
>am having to change them every two days because of the
>itchyness, its only been the last week or so before
>that i could keep them in for three days
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