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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V2 #470

Hi Trisha and all,

I've been using the minmed paradigm for 3 weeks now after 36 years of IDDM
and various injection routines most recently glargine and humalog.  Although
it is early days I don't think I would ever choose to go back to what I was
doing before.  The pump gives so much more flexibility.  Like you Trisha I
have been automatically counting carbs approximately for years and wondered
if I needed to be more scientific once on the pump.  I find that 1 unit to
about 15gm carbs works for me even though by total daily dose I should be 1u
to 20 - 25gm.  At breakfast  I seem to need 1u to 10gm but I am taking 2 -3
units less than I was for breakfast on injections  ie now about 4.5u at
breakfast compared to 6 or 7 units which used to still result in a high
level after about 2 hours and if I took more a plumeting low later in the
morning.  that is all a thing of the past now since pumping!!

The only problem I have is with site changes and I'm beginning to dread them
when I've got a good one up and running.  I would appreciate any advice from
any 'experts' out there.  A lot of times when I put a quick set in either
manually or with the gadget as soon as I start bolusing it comes up 'no
delivery'.  It has been suggested that the cannula could be pressing on
muscle so can't deliver the bolus but still trickles in the basal??  I guess
I may have to stick to the silhouettes which touch wood I have had no
problem with so far.  Its frustrating as I like the small size 6mm of the
quickset and have recently had two sites on 'my bum' which have been fab and
one on my upper abdomen but when I changed yesterday I had nothing but
trouble, 3 sets wasted all saying 'no delivery' then I went back to my
original but it was over 3 days old so I put another new one in this morning
on my upper abdomen.  this one hasn't alarmed but I'm not sure I really
trust it as bs's are running a bit higher today than usual.  Any tips will
be gratefully received.

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