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Re: [IPk] HbA1c "normal" range

hi karen, 6 is fine in pregnancy, shouldnt be much more than that , im not
sure what the guidelines are, cant remember, but in my 1st prg i got mine
down to 5.6 and had a lovely normal birth and 6lb 10 baby, it gets much
harder as pregnancy progresses to control bgs as they keep rising every
couple of days from about 25 weeks. in my 2nd i got my hba1c down to 5.9 and
again had a good outcome, but in my last preg i really struggled and only
managed to get my hba1c down to 6.6 and it wasnt good enough i had
polyhydramnios(too much fluid around bubba ) and he shot up to the 98th
centile had to have emergency c section at 37 weeks and my son was ok but
weighed 8lb 5 3 weeks early.
i have a site for diabetic mums, those thst are preg and those that are
trying to conceive, come and take a peek, http://groups.msn
             love gail type1 22 years, mum of 3 boys aged, 5, 4 and 18
months. xxxxxxxxxx
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On Friday 08 Aug 2003 09:00, Ingrid Morrow wrote:

> its my understanding that unless you are pregnant, or trying to get
> pregnant, anything less than 7% is considered good control for people with
> type 1.

Do you know what the pre-pregnancy target range would be? I'd like to start
trying for a baby next year; my hba1c is currently 6%, and I had hoped that
was already pretty much 'on target'!


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