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Re: [IPk] HbA1c "normal" range


Here in Australia endos like you to be 'up to' 6.5 pre-pregnancy (tho many 
of us have managed pregnancies without achieving that).

Incidentally, A1c measures can differ between labs. My most recent (2 weeks 
ago) states poor control is >9.0, sub-optimal control is 8.1-9.0, adequate 
control is 7.1-8.0, very good control is 6.1-7.0 and non-diabetic levels 
are 4.0-6.0. Mine came back at 6.7 with minimal BG bounces (but included a 
weekend of mild DKA due to a blocked cannula), so I was pretty thrilled!


At 06:26 PM 8/08/2003, you wrote:

>Do you know what the pre-pregnancy target range would be? I'd like to start
>trying for a baby next year; my hba1c is currently 6%, and I had hoped that I
>was already pretty much 'on target'!

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