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Re: [IPk] Consultant Visit 06.08.03

That is hideous.....these consultants have no idea, luckily I am seen to at 
Kings and they are wonderful there....

Poor Danielle....I hope you are able to get on OK at Manchester.

Have a great holiday,


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>Subject: [IPk] Consultant Visit 06.08.03
>Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 19:38:58 EDT
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>Danielle's visit to the Consultant went as expected yesterday.  He wanted 
>to go on 4 injections per day, saying that it would be less expensive more 
>than the running of the pump.  I told him that it is generally unheard of 
>people to go back onto injections after being on the pump and he said 
>because they have already tried the MDI and you haven't for Danielle."  He
>went on to say that he didn't approve of the pump for Danielle because she
>  wasn't old enough to have made the decision herself and that maybe she 
>would go
>back to injections if she thought I wouldn't be too disappointed with her.  
>  asked Danielle to confirm to the Consultant that her mum and dad would 
>let her
>back on injections if she wanted to, but she couldn't speak to him.  She 
>me later that she was holding her tears in as hard as she could.  She was
>  worried that the Consultant was the boss and that if he wanted her to go 
>injections, then she had to.
>At the end of the day, the PCT will fund the consumables if we agree to be
>  seen at a clinic of excellence, which is Manchester so I have agreed to 
>this. I
>hope they back-date the costs a bit as well.  They won't reimburse the cost
>  of the pump because we did not follow the proper channels but I am 
>annoyed that
>the Consultant was given the opportunity to refuse to see Danielle at his
>clinic, and she could have been put on the pump in Manchester and had a 
>chance of funding, but instead, he agreed to carry on seeing her, got the
>  training from Medtronic Minimed and then changed his mind! One of his 
>going back onto injections is that the tube can become blocked with the 
>I don't need to tell you what I wrote back to him do I?
>I will be quiet for the next 2 weeks because we are off to Italy tomorrow.
>Still packing and that's why I am on here at this time of night.
>Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
>Diabetic myself for 30 years
>Brother, sister, auntie & cousin all type 1 too
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