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Re: [IPk] HbA1c "normal" range


its my understanding that unless you are pregnant, or trying to get 
pregnant, anything less than 7% is considered good control for people with 
type 1.  As you say, the DCCT did show that if your HbA1c is greater than 
7-8%, the chances of complications skyrocket.

I have been told that around 6% is ideal, and that anything lower means you 
could be hyping too much.

You are not too far off though Charlotte, but I can understand your 

Also Charlotte the HbA1c is only an average, so if you are having lots of 
highs and lows they can be evened out, which wouldn't be reflected in your 
HbA1c.  I think there needs to more research done on these swings...

Good luck,#

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>Subject: [IPk] HbA1c "normal" range
>Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 17:06:26 +0100
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>  Just wanted to share an experience from yesterday with you all - to see 
>anyone else has had similar ones...
>  I generally do everything to do with my diabetes at the hospital and just
>occasional infections etc to my GP. However I went to my GP last week to
>an HbA1c and thyroid tests and was told they would send me the results if 
>were OK but otherwise I'd have to come and see a doctor. I rang yesterday 
>was told that I had to see the doctor - which would be next week. So I 
>half the day convinced that it must mean that I had a thyroid deficiency
>there couldn't possibly be much wrong with the HbA1C (my last one in 
>was 6.2).
>  Eventually I couldn't take the suspense so managed to speak to a nurse, 
>said thyroid was fine but HbA1c was ' a bit high' at 7.1. I would agree 
>that I
>would like it to be back in the 6s, but consider current result to be 
>satisfactory, and my specialist had been raving about how excellent the 6.2
>  I then got home to find that they had in fact sent me the HbA1c - but 
>me furious was that they had defined the 'normal' range ("DCCT adjusted") 
>4-5.5. Any other normal ranges I've seen go up to at least 7, and as far as 
>recall the DCCT pointed out that an hba1c that's too low would lead to more
>hypos... The reason it makes me particularly cross are that given the 
>number of
>uninformed healthcare professionals we all have to deal with, that kind of
>definition of normal is very misleading (and to add further insult in my 
>the suggestion scribbled at the bottom was that I talk to the practise
>nurse....) and doesn't necessarily fit with what the diabetes specialists 
>aiming at (a friend of mine was told that 5.5 was too low). Any thoughts
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