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[IPk] Consultant Visit 06.08.03

Danielle's visit to the Consultant went as expected yesterday.  He wanted her 
to go on 4 injections per day, saying that it would be less expensive more me 
than the running of the pump.  I told him that it is generally unheard of for 
people to go back onto injections after being on the pump and he said "that's 
because they have already tried the MDI and you haven't for Danielle."  He 
went on to say that he didn't approve of the pump for Danielle because she 
 wasn't old enough to have made the decision herself and that maybe she would go
back to injections if she thought I wouldn't be too disappointed with her.  I 
 asked Danielle to confirm to the Consultant that her mum and dad would let her
back on injections if she wanted to, but she couldn't speak to him.  She told 
me later that she was holding her tears in as hard as she could.  She was 
 worried that the Consultant was the boss and that if he wanted her to go back
injections, then she had to.

At the end of the day, the PCT will fund the consumables if we agree to be 
 seen at a clinic of excellence, which is Manchester so I have agreed to this. I
hope they back-date the costs a bit as well.  They won't reimburse the cost 
 of the pump because we did not follow the proper channels but I am annoyed that
the Consultant was given the opportunity to refuse to see Danielle at his 
clinic, and she could have been put on the pump in Manchester and had a better 
chance of funding, but instead, he agreed to carry on seeing her, got the 
 training from Medtronic Minimed and then changed his mind! One of his reasons
going back onto injections is that the tube can become blocked with the pump.  
I don't need to tell you what I wrote back to him do I?

I will be quiet for the next 2 weeks because we are off to Italy tomorrow.  
Still packing and that's why I am on here at this time of night.

Mum to Danielle aged 9, pumping since Nov 2002
Diabetic myself for 30 years
Brother, sister, auntie & cousin all type 1 too
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