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Re: [IPk] D Tron Plus..Problems

> Hi All
>  I have a Disetronic D Tron Plus pump. I don not normally have
>  rpoblems with it
> and it serves me very well. However, today I noticed liquid in the
> display and cartridge housing. I changed the cartridge and infusion
> set ( no leakage from cartridge) still the problem remains. My blood
> sugars are high. I have contacted Disetronic and they are going to
> try and get a replacement to me by the mroning.
>  My problem is that I am not sure what to do to tide me over until
>  the morning.

My daughter uses a pretty straightforward procedure. She covers her 
basal needs with a shot of R (into the infusion set port) every 4 
hours to cover her basal needs, and uses fast acting insulin analog 
to cover snacks an meals in the usual way. Insulin amounts are the 
same as when she pumps, control has never varied. Bear in mind that 
there is a small amount of fast or slow insulin left in the set that 
pushes through when you do this with two kinds of insulin and you 
must account for the timing difference in absorbtion.

Sils, Tenders, Comforts  ~ 0.8u
Quicksets, Ultras ~0.5 u
Sofsets ~ 2.5 u  -- better to do injections than mess with this or 
just use one kind of insulin in the port and inject the other

This scheme require one does in the middle of the night for basal if 
you do the others spread throughout the day with the last at bedtime 
and first when you rise. You'll notice that no NPH or Lente is 
required. The longest Lily has done this for is three days with good 
control the whole time.

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