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Re: [IPk] BBC news article re: islet transplants

>>months a fifth of them were back on insulin again - and they had real 
>>cells which are so rare they are effectively unavailable to the rest of 
>>Hey ho. Forgive me grumbling in the corner...
>You're forgiven - mostly because I agree with you. I just posted the link 
>for info: I'm not cracking open the champagne yet. :)
>Karen/Vodka Vixen

I'm not breaking out the champagne either: even if the transplants work, the 
immunosuppressive drugs are, in the long term, worse than the original 
disease. Although I probably wouldn't think that if I needed a transplant!

As far as pig cells go, I'm a vegetarian, and I am greatly relieved that my 
insulin comes from genetically engineered bacteria and not pigs or cows.  I 
certainly wouldn't even consider a pig cell option, especially since I have 
a pump!


Grain is the enemy of the sedentary classes.

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