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[IPk] Re: Exmoor weekend

Hi Julian

> I have a three questions:
> * Does anyone have any good solutions for footwear -
> of course we can't go barefoot - for beaches? I need
> something, preferably flesh coloured, that I can wear
> on the beach or in the sea. I could wear a pair of
> socks but would end up looking like the archetypal
> eccentric Englishman.

I've always gone barefoot on the beach and intend to carry on doing so.
If you have neuropathy there is a danger that you can tread on something 
sharp and not realise, and then it can get infected. But if you don't have 
foot problems then there's no reason to worry. And even if you do, as long as 
you check your feet carefully afterwards, then you should be fine.

Why don't you just wear sandals - one of the "sports type" ones that you can 
get wet without damaging them. They don't look silly either as windsurfers, 
canoeists etc wear them, so you can just pretend you're doing something 

> * During exercise is there a greater likelihood of
> going low without noticing? If so, why?

Definitely. partly because the adrenalin from exercising means you don't 
notice, and partly because you're likely to be hot and sweaty anyway (and 
possibly tired), so you don't associate the typical hypo symptoms with a hypo.

> * Are there any good website sources for calibrating
> bg level versus exercise versus food intake? I only
> went low the once, but I think I need some more
> knowledge.

i think that's a risky thing to do, because it's extremely individual. 
Depends a lot on the type of exercise, how fit you are, what the weather is 
like, etc etc. Much better to do it by trial and error. 
If you're exercising for the whole day, I'd say start by reducing your basal 
insulin by about 50%. I think that's what they do on the BDA children's 
holiday camps.

> There was one new girl who turned up on the first
> day's walk in what looked like a business suit and
> handbag, and was observed powdering her nose in the
> middle of Exmoor - as someone put it "you just can't
> let those sheep see you with a shiny nose". She also
> had D, but was on a 90/10 Insulin mix injected twice
> daily - an unchanged regimen from her diagnosis 10
> years ago, and was not really aware of basal-bolus
> (Multiple Daily Injection) therapy. I tried to
> encourage here to be somewhat more assertive and
> demanding with her medical team.

If she's happy and getting good results then why fix what aint broke???
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