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[IPk] Exmoor Weekend Away + Questions

Hello everyone

I've rejoined the list after a break now that I have my email accounts

I just arrived back from a long group weekend in an Exmoor (Devon) Camping
Barn, which has been my first weekend of this sort since diagnosis. It was
organised by a group of "outdoor" friends, roughly aged 25 to 45.

One day was my first experience of real mountain biking (25 miles mainly
offroad). I now understand why mountain bikes need suspension, since the
herds of cows appear to be back with a vengeance after Foot and Mouth
potholing every track we covered; there were many severe cases of numb-bum.
We came across a village produce show and church fete on the village green
in the sun. The only thing missing was a cricket match. During the cycle
ride I went hypo at one point, when we heading towards a receding pub - one
that was 4 miles away and 4 miles turns out to be in the middle of a field,
and it is then another mile away and so on - I got down to below three
without particularly noticing symptoms but then stopped just in case.

The other days were walking and swimming (sea + a pool in Minehead). No
problems there, apart from a badly bruised toe from playing impromptu

It was interesting that I had a *huge* number of conversations about
Diabetes. There were 30 people on the weekend, and I must have had long (and
detailed and intelligent) conversations with a third of the people over the
3 days. Everyone was very interested and was asking the sorts of questions
that quite often don't get discussed - points included different sorts of
insulins and regimens, and also what having D actually means (hourly
management for 50 years etc), the motivational and emotional implications of
the condition and the limitations that imposes, and what was happening to
undiagnosed diabetics who were not being treated but building up
complications. Conversations were probably sparked by my normal practice of
just testing and stabbing on the spot rather than retiring away from the
table etc, but also by close proximity over several days. I also tested
someone for fun, who had just landed in a gorse bush and was covered in
blood. All interesting.

I have a three questions:

* Does anyone have any good solutions for footwear - of course we can't go
barefoot - for beaches? I need something, preferably flesh coloured, that I
can wear on the beach or in the sea. I could wear a pair of socks but would
end up looking like the archetypal eccentric Englishman.

* During exercise is there a greater likelihood of going low without
noticing? If so, why?

* Are there any good website sources for calibrating bg level versus
exercise versus food intake? I only went low the once, but I think I need
some more knowledge.

There was one new girl who turned up on the first day's walk in what looked
like a business suit and handbag, and was observed powdering her nose in the
middle of Exmoor - as someone put it "you just can't let those sheep see you
with a shiny nose". She also had D, but was on a 90/10 Insulin mix injected
twice daily - an unchanged regimen from her diagnosis 10 years ago, and was
not really aware of basal-bolus (Multiple Daily Injection) therapy. I tried
to encourage here to be somewhat more assertive and demanding with her
medical team.


btw I am on MDI not a pump at this stage.
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