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Re: [IPk]Side effects from changing to pump therapy

Dear Pat, 
Thanks for your comments.  Unfortunately, I do not fit into any of the profiles you suggest i.e. my Hba1c has been brilliant at average 6.5 over one week, 2 week and 4 week intervals all the way since I started pumping. I am not eating weird foods or drinking anything with sugar in it (I mostly drink water anyway now) and am actually eating a LOT LOT less than I used to, but still within the healthy guidelines.  And no, I do not associate going to the toilet 5 times in an hour with anything other than 'HELP what is happening to me?'!!!
I have now been tested for early menopause, but am definately not there yet, and the only thing is a possible sudden allergic reaction to some food, but this is so co-incidental as to be unbelievable.  Anyhoo, thanks for the ideas.  Anyone else anything they can add?
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