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Re: [IPk] Hypos

>can anyone tell me why i have hypos's today whilst decorating.  i started
>on a rducecdx basal to 40% this morning.  From this afternoon I have blood
>sugar of between 2 and 3 now I have shut the pump off altogether and am
>now having bm of between 1.7 and 2,9. by the way I'm eating loads. Seems
>that the diabetes is still controlling my life and I'm sick of it.  Any
>suggestions anyone?

Yep. Does control our lives. I'm sick of it too. Latest figure I saw was 20
minutes a day people spend on average managing their diabetes.

Decorating... I rank it alongside housework, gardening and moving house: it
is exercise. I will need less insulin. The reduction will vary in me, but
typically 50%.

Other news... I successfully moved house yet again from our summer home in
Bayreuth back to our Freiburg home. 5 hour drive. I'd upped my BG target to
8 (normally 5-6) and I'm pleased to report it sat between 8 and 10 most of
the time. I now test every hour on a long drive. On one test it had dropped
down to 5.1: I ate a sweet yoghurt, and an hour later it had shot up to 13,
but I fealt fine. No idea why it went so high, but that's diabetes for you.

What else? Oh, I had another E15 error last week (following my previous E15
on 3 Aug). Decided not to report it to MiniMed immediately - I had visions
of them sending a replacement pump to Bayreuth while I was moving to
Freiburg. Rang them today. Apparently I am too late, and they would like me
to ring them as soon as I get it next time. Sheesh. Not happy.

I'm also still trying to shake off this pesky flu thing which has been
hanging around for over 4 weeks now. I'm not ill - but I'm not better
either. I've seen a doctor once - he diagnosed bed rest. Thanks. I've got a
diabetes clinic appointment next week. I think I'll wait till then to
discuss it with the consultant.

And I nearly ran out of insulin. That was a close one. I knew I only just
had enough insulin to see me through the summer - but it would be fine,
really. Then I was ill - and all my doses were raised. Saturday afternoon I
was refilling my reservoir - yikes! - that bit left in my last bottle
turned out to be a lot less than I had remembered. Once it was all primed,
I was staring at 60 units in the reservoir. And on 35 units a day that
would barely get me home to Freiburg. So I headed off to the Bayreuth
emergency evening surgery, got a prescription for 1 bottle of Humalog,
headed off to the late chemist - to find that he had no single bottles in
stock: only packs of 5 bottles. I looked at him innocently, played the
unfortunate Englishman abroad, and he consented to ring the doctor I'd just
seen and get the prescription changed to a 5 bottler.


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